FMC (John Bean) 1229 Airblast Sprayer (3-point hitch) – $800

$800 – FMC (John Bean) 1229 Airblast Sprayer (3-point hitch)

Fan shroud has been rebuilt.

Pump works well.

Spray manifold is only on one side of fan shroud.

Stainless steel tank.

FMC (John Bean) 1229 FTM 3-pt hitch Airblast Sprayer (Fiberglass Tank) – $3500

$3500 – FMC (John Bean) 1229 FTM 3-pt hitch Airblast Sprayer with fiberglass tank, serial #A27609

Pump rated at 10-gallons per minute and 500 psi.

V-belts to pump have been disconnected because machine was used primarily for blowing heavy dew off raspberries in early morning so the berries would dry off faster and allow picking to begin earlier.

Sprayer did not prime when I attempted to use it as a backup.  I will have the pump checked out and repaired, if necessary, so that it is in good operating condition.

FMC (John Bean) 12RC Airblast Sprayer – $4000

$4000 – FMC (John Bean) 12RC Airblast Sprayer, serial # 40477

Wheel spacing is narrowed for 9-foot bramble row centers.

FMC pump has four pistons.

FMC (John Bean) 10RC Airblast Sprayer – $3000

$3000 – FMC (John Bean) 10RC Airblast Sprayer, serial # 337296

Tired is being replaced on rim.

Wheel spacing narrowed for 9-foot centered bramble rows.

New head on FMC two-piston pump.

Hydraulic fan motor has been replaced.

Calsa 300-gallon Tank Weed Sprayer – $800

$800 - Calsa 300-gallon Tank Weed Sprayer

Pump has been replaced.

Rope and pulleys on back of sprayer allow tractor driver to raise booms to clear irrigigation sprinkler risers.

Sprays 8 – 42-inch rows.

Plastic 16-quarter Collapsible Racks -$7each

Plastic 16-quart Collapsible Blue Racks

Approximately 350 available.

Price $7 each.

Not for sale until the 8′ x 40′ cooler sells first.  Buyer of the cooler gets first chance to buy.

8-quart Galvanized Metal Berry Carriers – $5 each

$5 each – Galvanized Metal 8-quart Berry Carriers

Manufactured by Fruit Picking Equipment of Lawrence, Michigan

Various ages.

394S Massey-Ferguson Vineyard Tractor (Narrow) – $13,333

$13,333 -   394S Massey-Ferguson Vineyard Tractor (Narrow), serial # 5579S12046?

Original rear tires were replaced in 2010.  Tire size is 14.9 x 24 and are excellent.

Hours: 4574,Tachometer is original and has always worked

Original clutches rebuild in April 2011.

72 hp engine, transmission, final drive, hydraulic pump and starter have never been touched.

Used for pulling FMC 1229, 10 & 12RC sprayers, 3-row transplanter, and 6-foot rotary mower for cutting grass in row aisles.

Very nice tractor.

Ellis 3-row Strawberry Transplanter -$2000

$2000 - Ellis 3-row Strawberry Transplanter

This was used to plant 5 to 10 acres of strawberries per year.

Duck bill plant grabber.

Extra gears for spacing.

Seats are in good condition.

Cooler- Approx. 12 x 14 ft

Cooler- Approx. 12 x 14 ft

Built on a frame with wheels, suitable for local moving.

2 Tecumseh compressors, _______ hp.

Has cooling tower for extra cooling capacity.

Runs fine as of Fall 2012.

WD Allis-Chalmers Reversed Tractor Loader

This is about WD Allis-Chalmers Reversed Tractor Loader

This tractor has been stored for many years, but I will have it started and checked out if there is any interest.

Aluminum Irrigation Pipe (3-inch) – $1.50 per foot

Approximately 10 miles of 3″ aluminum irrigation pipe.

Majority of pipe has Pierce couplers.

30 & 40 foot lengths with either hook or drop lock couplers.

Price is $1.50 per foot.